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Although any decided moment is a perfect time to tie the knot owing to the real aspects of relationships and purity of a bond, there is always a soft corner for a specific time to get hitched. However, our (Indian) traditional customs seek a selectively holy hour for the foundation of the sacred institution called marriage. Talking about the Indian climate where throughout the nation it is hot and humid, one does not want to feel the sweat and feel the exhaustion before beginning the festive mood. The sacred time or muhurat has always been very important for the families of groom and bride, irrespective of cultures of the world.

Keeping in mind the above-mentioned factors, December is definitely an endearing month to plan one’s marriage. Read some of the valid reasons to think of having a December-wedding.

Last month of the year

Probably you want to get married this year and hello, this fortunate year is about to end. Hence, December is a dream month for any couple dating or arranged and a total package-time for wedding ceremonies to successfully happen. You are running out of time and this definitely is favourite period of the year to get hitched.

Cold Weather – The chilly breeze keeps you lively

Winter has come!! October- November transitions of weather are finally long gone and you now have the opportunity to bask in the glowing and moisturised skin and hair (I think it is same for men too!) during a perfect cold weather. One looks beautiful with the lowered humidity – your sweat is naturally taken care of.

It is the fresh and healthy body that eventually keeps our mind joyous and fresh. Nevertheless, the pleasant weather allows all to be happily decked up without spoiling the mood and makeup too. At the same time, the host could be free of worry to keep their guests at ease and delightful comfort.

Ambiance by the freshly bloomed flowers

The colourful and aromatic flowers are the real factors that keep the atmosphere wonderfully pleasant. December is the month that sees the blooming of many exotic flowers. Should you plan a destination wedding you will experience your spot being already decorated by the fully opened up unique flora of the region. Adorn the flowers the way you want to keep the decor natural and vibrant.

Margashirsha – the Divine month of Hindu Calendar

Margashirsha is considered an auspicious month in Hindu mythology. It is this month when devotees undertake many holy customs and rituals with their families, and marriage is undoubtedly one of the cordial events. Lord Dattatreya, considered as the incarnation of Lord Brahma, was born on Margashirsha Purnima (full moon) day. What better time than this holy month to initiate a new chapter of life!

Extended and long evenings

Winter solstice occurs on one of the days of December, which means the days will be shorter than nights. Eventually, you have greater dusk-time to celebrate, can click as-many-as-you-want selfies, and unhesitantly could keep dancing on the wedding music.

Lovely Honeymoon during winter

Layering up with sweatshirts and jackets, rosy-red cheeks, hand in hand walking down the streets – it is the coziest time with your spouse. A honeymoon is the most amazing time for any couple, it creates life-long memories. Romance, without a doubt, comes alive and intimacy sweetens. December winter is definitely one of the best durations to head for your honeymoon.

Christmas Holidays – Great time with the loved ones

Christmas vacation is now a universal concept. It is holidays for one and all. Ten days are enough to rejuvenate, spend the comforting time with your daadis (grandmother) while listening to their endless stories, and making the most of your leisure time. Moreover, Non-resident Indians can visit back without being bothered about their work. What better than plan your wedding in December when you are aware you will be with all your kith and kin (meaning relatives and friends).

That rest is assured by the darling December, go ahead plan your best moment!

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