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Being an Entrepreneur not only just gives you highs but often it also entails deeper lows.  I haven’t been an entrepreneur whole my life, but I had always dreamt to be one! Nevertheless, I am glad to say that the dream is now a fact. Neither is my story a rag to riches nor it is some sort of a heroic tale. It very much sums up the famous phrase, “hard work pays”. My diligence for the last 25 years paid me well and I feel much gratitude for everyone.

Flashing back to 7-8 years of the time when I was working as General Manager in one of the reputed hotels, I met my first lady partner. It was one of the events that she had arranged at the same hotel. We accidentally met, our friendship grew at that moment itself while discussing a short professional future plan. After being really exhausted working long hours for more two years, I finally decided to resign. I picked my phone and called her. This termination of one phase was literally an onset of my entrepreneurship.

So, at that point in time, my then partner was a well-known florist and had a burning desire to establish an event company. Owing to my expertise in Hotel management, and her work, the partnership was clear in execution objectives. Thus, in November 2013 we established our Event management firm. Being very much excited with the venture, I had delivered the firm with all my strength. No later than we had begun, we were flooded with events.

With time, there are always changes that gradually begin to surface. Due to small differences, we had to part by which the partnership did not fare well further.

Learning a great deal of work and skills regarding materials and other aspects of event planning was the positive face of this partnership. And I owe my success to them! The ex-partner being a professional and great florist, I gathered a lot of information regarding varied kinds of flowers. Back then, it was our pattern to hire the items and décor materials from the contractor, which raised the bar of our expenses. Eventually, we thought of preparing the stuff on our own, after researching in depth, strolling through the market lanes and sweating for the days. We made a few errors, corrected them and realized the better way.

Resolving to maintain the standard, improving on our mistakes, and aiming to see flying colors, in July 2017, I independently steered my very own company as Marrygold Events. The first thing I did was to arrange a storage warehouse (godown). A warehouse that will store all the décor material from laces to fabrics, from a tiny tikli to large lanterns, from letters to cutouts, each and every part of decoration that plays an important role in making the wedding as wondrous as it can be. My team is now very proficient in handling, managing and creating all types of décor things. I no more hire or rent or buy ready-mades.

This was just a beginning, but something had flowered from my consciousness. It was my creativity! The petal of creative sense had bloomed within me. I was more confident than ever in beautifully rendering the event, which was in a way, I felt, was absent in me…

Lesson to be learned: Plan and create your own things, rather than splurging without a thought in order to fetch the best long-term results.



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