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I have always been a keen observer of minute things, especially for my business, whether it is vital or trivial. Each thing is a learning milestone. You just cannot ignore it and if you do, there will be no change in your experiences and probably it will be difficult for you to sustain in the market. What happens to us today is a culmination of our past whole life. I believe that trust is a benefit of time, isn’t it?

This blog I felt like discussing the kinds of investment an entrepreneur makes other than financial to avoid the complications. So here are my four sagacious investments throughout the time of building Marrygold events.

You are the Face of your Brand – Invest in yourself

The first investment, we as entrepreneurs have to make, is to invest in our own self. Being on time, well dressed, being tech-savvy, using updated gadgets, etc., all leave a lasting impression on the customers.  It is like the customer feels that if the organiser is paying attention to his/her self-presentation then he/she will definitely be careful and attentive to details of the event. Bhaiya,jo dikhta hai wahi biktaa hai…

Employees are Backbone – Keep them glad

“If you look after your staff, they will look after your customers, it is that simple!”

~ Richard Branson

While working as an employee, back then in one of the reputed hotels, I had always dreamt that I will keep my employees happy when I did initiate my startup. HR ground rule says people don’t leave the company but they leave the bosses. Well, it is indeed essential for us to be nice and compassionate to our employees as they are the ones who drive the real work.

Winters are usually flooded with a lot of wedding events. There is an excessive workload on my team. During one of the cold nights, it just clicked onto me that why should not I present them with warm sweatshirts?! I implemented my idea and how happy their faces had glittered!

A good vendor is a way to Best event

Choosing the right vendors is an imperative mandate for any business. Like for example, if the tailor does not finish the overlay, if the draper does not deliver the right coloured drapery on time etc., the final product will never turn out to be as magnificent as expected. Moreover, I will advise trying not to delay the pay or communicate your arrangements to keep it fuss-free, aakhir who bhi th apne pet ke liye kaam karte hai!

Invest to deliver the best User Experience

Let the raw materials or products you buy be of premium quality, even if it is priced a penny or two more because kisiki shaadi ho rahi hai and it’s a once in a lifetime experience, don’t you all agree? We have to select the best stuff to make it a super awesome time for the to-be-wedded couple. The finesse and perfection you add to your work sum up exquisite user experience.

Lesson to be learnt: Invest your time in these pillars of business while you count the feathers on your cap.

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