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I was born on 8th March, and the day is celebrated as an International Women’s Day. So, I felt like sharing some of my firm yet subtle strengths with you all. I guess it was destined for me to be an entrepreneur, owing to my birth in a Kutchhi family that is notoriously famous for baniya (businessman) blood.

Although the décor profession is ruled and well-undertaken by men, the worldwide statistics states that women are more successful wedding planners. I think it is not a surprising report because the nature of a design field relates parallelly with inherent feminine abilities. In a way, women, who are said to be from Venus, naturally possess the essential sensitivity to lend special attention towards minute details for the perfect final appearance.

The feminine brains do not get wired while picking the perfect matching-tone for maybe a cushion, wall, drapery or say a laptop sleeve. Maybe men always want to ward off this selection process as it is useless to them. We can always ignore them, lol! Nevertheless, keeping this distinguish apart, I guess, this aptitude has consistently assisted me in refining my skills.

Creativity is the key

It’s impossible to explain creativity. It’s like asking a bird, ‘How do you fly?’ You just do.

– Eric Jerome Dickey

While designing the sets, there is a whole lot of brainstorming happens with my team. The planned arrangement sometimes fails and we have to make many impromptu changes, shifting a prop from one place to another, seeing whether it suits or not and then some more placements to finally arrive at a pleasing composition. It feels like I am dressing-up, whether the earing matches, my make-up is subtle or not, etc. to finally feel perfect.

Innovative ideas arise with our travels. While I had been to Hyderabad and Ahmedabad I purchased Ikkat fabric and a lot of kites, respectively. The subtle details like using a traditional fabric like Ikkat really adds a tender touch to varied theme weddings. To sum up jitna ghoomenge utnaa payenge

Once while decorating for a Rajasthani wedding, I went on for a shopping spree in the local market and I bought jharokhas, katputlis and other traditional wonderful antiques, vaguely keeping in mind that I might use them in my décor. It had felt really worthy when the guests were so amused looking at the antique objects.

Multitasking is the way

While discussing Creativity as one of the significant characteristics of a woman, multitasking definitely enhances it and women revel in managing multiple activities. It is like having a power of concentrating at innumerable tasks at once. Every time I feel like I have got under trance-spell while commanding my workers to set up a prop here and there, and screaming my lungs out (happens very rare because my team has grown to be extremely effective) to eliminate the unnecessary and at the same time attending calls from the clients. But the much I multitask the more I feel content that my wedding-event will rock…

I guess these two subtle aspects of Creativity and Multitasking, that form the most powerful feminine qualities, have had gradually strengthened my capability to give an exquisite edge to anything I do.

Lesson to be learnt: Learn from each opportunity that comes your way. Travel, understand, let your mind be open to novel ideas and keep being inspired.




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