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Aditi announces her wedding, and she wishes to see all her besties present at the wedding. Kabir (Bunny), who is residing outside India, could not resist when he sees the video-invitation by Aditi. So, Aditi, Naina, Bunny, and Avi reunite after long years of staying far from each other. Last they had extreme fun, it was at one of the treks in Manali.

As the occasion nears, Aditi beautifully dressed for the Haldi ceremony is seated in the center, surrounded by relatives, while one by one fellow friend smears the turmeric paste (haldi) on her face. Bunny, the most notorious in the group, picks a large dollop of paste and just throws it on her face. In fun-revenge, she repeats the same by which all other friends join the fun-act eventually becoming the part of amusement. At the same moment, the song begins, Gudiya ri gudiya tera gudda pardesiya Jodi aasmani ho gayi Shagun pe dekho shad mani ho gayi… Ae kabira maan ja… Yeh Jawani Hai Diwani always remains one of the favourite movies, isn’t it?

Masti with friends is the real reason to attend these pre-wedding ceremonies. We meet our old time pals and relatives, have the most cheerful time, enjoy the cocktails, sing and dance with uncles, aunts,  grandparents, and cousins so as to experience the boundless happiness.

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Haldi Ceremony

The Haldi ceremony happens a day before the Indian wedding. Largely all the communities of India follow this traditional ritual. The ritual includes the application of haldi (turmeric) paste on the face, arms, and legs of the bride as well as groom, at their respective residences. However, in some traditions the same paste, used by groom or bride, is applied to their to-be-partners, marking an onset of their divine bond.

The ceremony is followed by mehendi. Neat and clean, blemish free, fresh hands and feet are now ready to be decorated by henna. From this moment, the bride and groom are prohibited to step out of their houses.

Mixture and Ingredients

The unique mixture is basically prepared, keeping in mind the quick effects, to deliver an instantly glowing skin. The natural glow is yearned by one and all of us! The mixture of the haldi paste consists of raw haldi (turmeric), multani mitti (Fuller’s earth), malai (cream) or milk or gulab jal (rosewater), and sandalwood powder. Although this is an ideal recipe, it is modified according to the availability of the ingredients and novel ways to make it a better paste.

Raw haldi is crushed and mixed with the above-mentioned ingredients to prepare a smooth mixture. The paste, by the process of traditional ritual, is applied with the help of mango leaf instead of bare hands. The reason is to avoid the transfer of oil impurities. This is one of the best cosmetic products that a bride or a woman could have.

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The significance of this traditional ritual

In fact, this is an old cosmetic method to keep the skin glowing and blemish (daag) free for the wedding. It later got modified as one of the rituals of marriage ceremony due to timely aspects. In olden times, when the advanced products that we now adorn ourselves were not available, the natural techniques were well used and justified. Consequently, the haldi paste was the need of an hour. The ceremony eventually took the form of ritual as many families began to keep a day for this procedure before the wedding by attaching it to various forms of auspicious reasons.

Haldi is an antiseptic agent while its strong yellow shade is everlasting. Cleansing the dead pores and dirt, the paste is very effective in getting rid of dead skin. Therefore, it does not allow acne or pimples to appear. The light yellowish shade that develops throughout your face, arms and leg delivers a subtle and radiant glow to the skin.

By the traditional beliefs, haldi is said to protect the couple from all the evils. By applying the haldi paste, the guests, friends, families, and relative are said to have showered the joyous blessings on the couple. Thus, the ceremony is to bring all the elder to provide their respected blessings. The application not only cleanses the physical body but also the souls of the bride and groom – a purified state to begin a happy married life.

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