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Marrygold is expert in making wonderful thematic weddings. So, from Bollywood to destination from star-studded jeweled decorations to contemporary designs and anything Classic – you command and Marrygold does not wait to bring up tons of ideas. This blog we thought of sharing some of our interesting back-end preparations that go on to really bring those bright smiles to the faces of guests while they pose for selfies and have the best fun at a wedding. The pre-production work that happens before the event begins takes up a lot of work and execution. The ideas pop up and down while we brainstorm with our team to make the event one of the best for couple-host.

One of the recent wedding events, we had a very interesting experience. Upon the wish of the couple to be wed, it was decided to deck up the décor with Bollywood theme. And Bollywood has been a smash hit until now, as far as our experience is concerned.

A theme for the Couple

The Indian bride and groom were foreign residents, about to be married in a few months time. Having been renowned for Bollywood theme décor, Marrygold events took up this event with all the happy feeling. The couple had planned to host a lot of expats and they definitely wished to make their guest feel vibrant and jolly. After a brainstorming session to decide upon the theme, we unanimously came down to Bollywood theme. What better than our very own Bollywood to cheer up the expats, isn’t it?

Bollywood Theme Wedding Plan

Marrygold Events sees to it that the host agrees to all the planned arrangements. The event was to be held during the evening and at an open ground space. Thus, we had thought of playing with lot of lights and allied decorations. Fairy lights, shimmer, etc. were beautifully composed to make this contrast of dark and glitter ambience work wonders.

Bollywood is all about pomp and dance numbers, today. Owing to the selfie-culture that each age group enjoys, we had arranged an amazing photo booth.  What better idea than our favourite couple of Shahrukh and Kajol of Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge greets the guests! So, we had arranged the cutouts of the DDLJ figures in the photo booth zone. Keeping few props here and there, the guests could then pose next to the stars and click uncountable selfies. To let you all know this turned out to be a roaring success.

Courtesy Marrygold Events

The Tale of the Scooter

One of the most interesting props that we added to this whole awesome Bollywood theme was an LML Vespa scooter. With the help of our few cordial contacts, we had sourced the vehicle from one of the scrap dealers of suburban Mumbai. Of course, the scooter was not in a good condition. The dealer especially made us sign a contract mentioning that we will not be driving it at any cost. For the same purpose, we removed off the engine to ensure the circumstance. At the same time, this also helps in reducing the weight of the scooter.

It was an old piece but quite a sturdy one. So, we began thinking on the ways to stylize it. Finally, we colored it with jhatak yellow shade. Stuck a few laces, chamkis, and stickers here and there. The scooter was made into one of its kind, you have to believe it!

Courtesy Marrygold Events

To our surprise, it was no time that guests, as soon they had their eyes set on this decorated scooter, they began posing, seated or standing to click selfies. One of the families had their group photo just like the most common one. The father seated in the riding pose while the wife happily on the back seat, sitting with both the legs on one side, with a hand on husband’s shoulder. The son clicked one photograph and ran to show them. This was really a warm moment! This was not a selfie moment but family-fie kind! Well, fun is merrier when it is with family.

The guests’ joy was boundless posing with Bollywood stars and posing with the jhatak scooter using as many as props they could. At one point of time, people were actually queuing up, Lol! Marrygold Events ensured joy in each one’s face and this forms one of the significant principles of our work.




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