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A filmy set up to begin with: There are many folks around in a cheerful mood, glasses in their hand, sipping either wine or mocktails, and the grandchildren running hither-thither. Nevertheless, each poses with a curious face to know what the middle-aged man, the husband, is about to unveil the present for his wife. It is their 25th anniversary.

The wife is dressed in a beautiful red-maroon saree and her face beams with a wide smile composed of joy. They have lived the vows for the past 25 years. They have been through thick and thin circumstances of their parents, kids, relatives, and own self. This life-long commitment has been the reason for their present composed stature.

Why Are Anniversary Celebrations Really Special?

During old times, the marriages were planned at a very tender age of 12 or 14. In some cases, the marriages are planned during childhood, an early bond where the bride stays at her parents’ home but returns back at her husband’s as soon, she hits her puberty. Well, India is a land of traditions and marriage is one of the sensitive aspects.

Arrange marriages are predominant in Indian society, as compared to the Love. In some communities, it is difficult for the couple to sustain through the wrath of the elders, when they fall in love, and thus they plan to run away together. Thus, owing to low finances, they wed in a simple way, devoid of any celebration, that generally marriages entail.

Having mentioned the conditions and situation about how the weddings might have been arranged, the celebration must have been very ritualistic and so to say a little dull, compared to the present festivities one arranges.

With the growing time, the wounds heal and the memories fade. The indifferences dissolve and differences disappear. The bride who was once a stranger to the husband’s family becomes an integral part and at times begins to even rule! Kidding! It is the state of comfort that one attains by going through rough, smooth, sad and happy periods of our lives.

The circumstances post the marriage when a wife manages the household chores with the low finance lent by husband, the times of hardships and living hand to mouth are long gone. Their kids have begun to earn by which the parents feel relaxed and unburdened. Therefore, the Anniversary celebration marks a return of enjoyment in one couple’s lives. It is the day when they can cherish their memories and their kids can be a part of it.

Few Ways To Make This Event A Special One

The family had been for an outing. Neither it was a planned situation nor it was a special date to be commemorated. They all were in a garden and enjoying the games and tricks played by the host. Suddenly he invited the grandparents for some magic trick, in which at the end they had to hold the garlands. He then asked them to wear them to each other around their necks. It was a very surprisingly festive moment for all of us. The grandparents had tears of joy.

The idea of remarrying the couple is a golden one, indeed!

Destination weddings are trending today. Planning a theme like Bollywood, Rajasthani, etc. adds a glamour quotient to the whole idea of anniversary celebrations. At the same time, the wife could have this awesome opportunity to groom herself according to the latest fashion. The dresses and gowns worn by Bollywood actresses, generally or in their own weddings, are always looked up to with dreamy eyes. This is indeed a bright chance to deck up like a Bollywood heroine or celeb.

What are you waiting for, irrespective of climatic seasons, plan the anniversary celebrations for your parents and grandparents. Give them this piece of unmeasured joy and you will undoubtedly experience the radiant smiles on their faces.

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